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Joseph Simes House (Plymouth) and Luther Briggs #

AvatarPosted by Will Shain on January 29, 2011
To whom it may concern:

The Simes House Foundation, Inc. (Plymouth, MA) is conducting an effort to restore and rebuild the Simes House in the Village of Manomet, Plymouth, MA. In our attempts to research the history of the property, we are about to embark on an historical survey of the property using a professional preservation architect. For reasons related to timing and proximity, we think that Luther Briggs may have been the architect for this property. It would be a miracle if we could recover the original building plans for this property. I saw the reference to Luther Briggs book of plans for 1840-1850, and thought there might be a long shot. How could I acquire or review this book of plans?

Will Shain
cell: 614-364-5166