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Group portrait of twelve members of the Society for Medical Improvement

PC001.01.TMP.305 (RS87868)


Copy of a daguerreotype depicting a studio portrait of twelve members of the Society for Medical Improvement: Zabdiel Boylston Adams (1793-1855); Jacob Bigelow (1786-1879); Walter Channing (1786-1876); John C. Hayden; John Homans; David Osgood; John Barnard Swett Jackson (1806-1879); Charles Gideon Putnam; Edward Reynolds (1793-1881); David Humphreys Storer (1804-1891); Solomon Townsend; and John Ware (1795-1864).

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Collection Name
General photographic collection
Collection Code
Date of Acquisition
25 March 1920 (copy 2)
Physical Description
2 photographic prints
OVP0305: Recto of mount: [from left to right:] Charles Putnam D. Humphrey Storer, Edward Reynolds David Osgood John C. Hayden J.B.S. Jackson Solomon Townsend, Zabdiel Boylston Adams, John Homans John Ware Jacob Bigelow Walter Channing; Verso of mount, OVP 305: one of these doctors died in 1855 -- so the daguerreotype must have been made before that [left to right, above attached captions:] Chas. Putnam Dr. Humphrey Storer 9living 1887) Edw. Reynolds David Osgood John C. Hayden J.B.S. Jackson [left to right, below attached captions:] Solomon Townsend JB Adams John Homans John Ware Jacob Bigelow Walter Channing [attached to verso of mount:] [handwritten captions with full names of subjects and dates of death] [newspaper clipping titled "Physicians of Other Days"] {19 Jan 1916 Miss EEP Holland}; OVP0306: [verso of mount:] My father's medical club 1850 [twice, in pencil and ink:] 1. Dr. Putnam 2. Dr. Townsend 3. Dr. Storer 4. Dr. Adams 5. Dr. Reynolds 6. Dr. Homans 7. Dr. Osgood 8. Dr. Ware 9. Dr. Hayden 10. Dr. Bigelow 11. Dr. Jackson 12, Dr. Channing Gift of the Estate Mrs. James H. Beal 25 March 1920
9.875x 13.75(HxW) (inches)
Collection Type
Description Level
Additional Identification Number
OVP Photo Database Number: 157
OVP Number: OVP0305 ; OVP0306
Credit Line
Copy one (OVP0305), gift of Miss E.E.P. Holland. Copy two (OVP0306), gift of the estate of Mrs. James H. Beal.
Reference Code

Record details

Other People
Adams, Zabdiel Boylston, 1793-1855
Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879
Channing, Walter, 1786-1876
Hayden, John C.
Homans, John
Jackson, J. B. S. (John Barnard Swett), 1806-1879
Osgood, David
Putnam, Charles Gideon
Reynolds, Edward, 1793-1881
Storer, David Humphreys, 1804-1891
Townsend, Solomon David, Dr.
Ware, John, 1795-1864
Other Organizations
Society for Medical Improvement (Boston, Mass.)
Descriptive Terms
clubs (associations)
group portraits
men (male humans)
Material Type
albumen prints
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Physical Access Restrictions
Copy one (OVP0305), ink on recto, warped; Copy two (OVP0306), warped.

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