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Chelsea, Massachusetts


Series of 21 mounted photographs of Chelsea, MA [O.F. Baxter?. 1868?].

Attribution and date are based on the similarity between photograph 9 of the series and a stereoscopic view of the 4th of July celebration, Chelsea, 1868 published by O.F. Baxter, Chelsea, MA (first series) in our collection. The untitled series of unlabelled views was identified by Robert Severy, May 13, 1993.

While the series consists mainly of profiles of prominent buildings in Chelsea, there are also several general views of the town square, the industrial waterfront, surrounding marshland, and the early stages of a residential development with buildings under construction. Image # 9 shows a Fourth of July celebartion in Broadway Square. Accoridng to G. Ostler, this shows the introduction of water ca. 1868.

1. City Hall

2. Granite Block, Broadway and Fourth? Street

3. [panoramic view showing surrounding marshland]

4. [panoramic view showing surrounding marshland]

5. Baptist Church, Broadway and Third Street

6. Williams School, Walnut Street

7. [a synagogue]

8. Universalist Church (Burned 1908)

9. Broadway Square, Fourth of July celebration, 1868

10. [panoramic view showing surrounding marshland]

11. Civil War Monument

12. [panorama of the early stages of a residential development]

13. Chelsea from Charlestown [waterfront view]

14. Cary School, Second and Walnut Streets

15. Walnut Street Methodist Church

16. Broadway Square

17. Carter School

18. Bellingham Methodist Church

19. [a school?]

20. [waterfront view]

21. St. Luke's Episcopal Church

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Collection Name
Photograph albums collection
Collection Code
Acquisition Type
Museum Purchase
Date of Acquisition
Physical Description
1 photograph album; 10 4/10 x 13 inches
Collection Type
Description Level
Additional Identification Number
album number: 180
Reference Code

Record details

Probably Baxter, O. F., fl. 1860-1880 (Photographer)
Descriptive Terms
Baptist Church, Broadway and Third Street
Bellingham Methodist Church
Broadway Square
Broadway Square, Fourth of July celebration, 1868
Carter School
Cary School, Second and Walnut Streets
Chelsea City Hal
Chelsea from Charlestown [waterfront view]
Chelsea, MA
Civil War Monument
Granite Block, Broadway and Fourth Street
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Universalist Church
WIlliams School, Walnut Street
Walnut Street, Methodist Church
churches (buildings)
cityscapes (representations)
Material Type
black-and-white photographs
photograph albums
Chelsea (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Location Note
photo albums 178B, 179, 180

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