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Hutchins & French architectural collection


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Hutchins & French architectural collection
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Architectural and Cartographic Materials
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French, Arthur E., 1876-1929 (Architect)
Hutchins & French (Boston, Mass.) (Architect)
Hutchins, Franklin H., 1871-1934 (Architect)
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architectural drawings (visual works)
architectural records
architectural firms


Hutchins & French #

AvatarPosted by Gregory Kuharic on June 28, 2016
New to this site and want to find out what is in this collection? I have a house designed by this firm and am trying to do additional research about it. I have the original typed architect's specifications for the house, which tells me a great deal, but want to know more.
Curious as to how long this has been part of your archives, as up until finding this the other day, nothing was coming up about Hutchins & French? Please advise how to access.
Thanks, Greg

RE: Hutchins & French #

AvatarPosted by Abigail Cramer on June 29, 2016
Hello Mr. Kuharic,

Thank you for your interest in our Hutchins & French collection of architectural records. The collection consists exclusively of commercial buildings; there are no residential structures documented. The collection was acquired approximately twenty years ago, and the online record was created in 2009. I'm not sure why it didn't come up in your search results until recently.

I'm sorry not to have more information for you regarding your house.

Best of luck with your research,
Abigail Cramer
Historic New England

Thank you! #

AvatarPosted by Gregory Kuharic on June 29, 2016
Hi Abigail,

Thanks for your speedy response! Interesting that this firm mostly designed commercial buildings and that those are documented. Interestingly, my home was designed for a bank president in 1924. The bank that he was the president of was also built in 1924 and is of a classic Georgian red brick and limestone fabric which is still standing and unaltered. Would there be any reference to 'The First National Bank of Mishawaka" in the files? I'm pretty sure that they designed the bank and then the house for the president as well.

Interestingly, I googled the Hutchins & French name when I first bought the house in 2008, and came up short on findings, except for one mention in Kevin D. Murphy's book, "Colonial Revival Maine" where he mentions the Kennebunk Free Library of 1907. In contacting him, he knew very little about the firm. I hadn't done any searches for quite awhile!

Thanks so much!