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Interior of adjutant general's office, Charleston, W. Va.

PC004.01.A.1450.01 (RS81574)


Adjutant General John W. M. Appleton, Assistant Adjutant General Colonel D. T. E. Casteel, and First Lieutenant Douglas Settle, sit at a desk in the office of the adjutant general in Charleston, West Virginia. Settle served as inspector general.John W. M. Appleton was born in Massachusetts in 1833. He attended Harvard Medical School and worked as an assistant librarian at the Boston Public Library. At the start of the Civil War, he enrolled as a private in the Massachusetts Independent Cadet Corps. In April 1862, Appleton was mustered into the regular army and stationed at Fort Warren in Boston Harbor. On February 9, 1863, he was commissioned as second lieutenant in the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers. Having been promoted to captain, Appleton fought at the Battle of Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863 in South Carolina. By the end of the war, Appleton had attained the rank of major. He moved his family to West Virginia where he engaged in various business enterprises. He received commissions in the West Virginia Militia and National Guard. In May, 1882, he moved to Salt Sulphur Springs and worked at the resort there. On March 4, 1897, West Virginia Governor George W. Atkinson appointed him to the post of adjutant general in Charleston. He served for four years. In September 1913, Appleton was killed when a bull gored him on his farm.Source: West Virginia and Regional History Collection Newsletter, v. 8, no. 3, fall/winter 1992, 1-4.

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Personal photographic collection
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1 photograph ; 6 x 8 inches
6x 8(HxW) (inches)
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Other People
Appleton, John W. M., 1833-1913
Casteel, D. T. E.
Settle, Douglas
Descriptive Terms
military personnel
offices (work spaces)
Material Type
black-and-white prints (photographs)
Charleston (Kanawha county, West Virginia)
1st Letter Nov. 5th, 1935Kennebunk, Maine Mr. Appleton,Would you be interested in purchasing the enclosed photos of Gen. Appleton at $2.00. Yours Truly, Fred Rouleau 7 Water Street
2nd LetterNovember 6, 1935Mr. Fred Rouleau 7 Water Street Kennebunk, Maine My dear Mr. Rouleau,The two photographs which you sent me are not worth $2.00 to me but if you can assure me that the one showing the gentleman seated alone is General Appleton then I shall be willing to give $1.00 for the pair. You understand the man was a very distant connection of mine and I never saw him in my life and he was not a New Englander, which counts for the fact that this is the top value of these two pictures to me. Yours very truly, (no signature)
3rd Letter Nov. 7, 1935Mr. Appleton,Your letter at hand in regards to photographs. The inscriptions on the photos are as found by me and I suppose it is what it means. Some one did it many years ago. You can have them at $1.00 as per your offer. Yours Truly, Fred Rouleau

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