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Set of Cuff Links and Studs

1940.10a-d (RS7747)


Set of gold cuff links and studs all set with white stone. Pair of oval cufflinks, white stones in gold setting with faceted edge, gold link attachment. One circular and one oval gold stud with white stones in gold setting with faceted edge, gold post and circular guards, one engraved with foliate scrolls the other engraved with pinwheel design.


Object type
Clothing -- Accessory
Descriptive terms
9/16 in (A); 9/16 in (B); 7/16 in (D) x 7/16 in (A); 7/16 in (B); 3/8 in (D) x 1/4 in (C); 1/4 in (D) (HxWxD), 3/8 in (C) (diameter) (inches)
Accession Number
Reference Notes
For more information on cuff links and studs see Fales, Martha Gandy, "Jewelry in America, 1600-1900," (1995):178-179; Hinks, Peter, "Victorian Jewelry," (1991).
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