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Old Post Office, Boston, Mass., detail (194771)
Asher Benjamin, Unidentified Building, detail (174877)
Swift House, Dining Room, Prides Crossing, Mass., detail (167080)
Portrait of Frank Chouteau Brown, detail (795)
Commercial Block, Cambridge, Mass., detail (172855)
Gropius House, Lincoln, Mass., detail (194884)
Wallace Nutting, Colonial Three Decker, Portsmouth, N.H., detail (195378)
Billhead for Johnson Meats, Faneuil Hall, Boston, Mass., detail (1225)
Along New England Shores Pamphlet (35612)
Jester Mix and Match Card, detail (195301)
Wonderland Amusement Park Souvenir Program, Revere, Mass., detail (191173)
Sheet Music, The Lament of the Irish Emigrant, detail (193899)
Trade Catalogue for Daniel Low and Co., Salem, Mass., detail (195277)
Pamphlet, Along New England Shores, detail (35611)
Fox and Gale, Stone House, Plymouth, Mass., detail (30144)
Page, Account Book of Col. Pierce, Dorchester, Mass., detail (31603)
Group Portrait of Bowen Family, Woodstock, Conn., detail (196259)
Portrait of Sarah Orne Jewett, South Berwick, Maine, detail (195046)
Invitation to Marrett Family Centennial, Standish, Me., detail (1687)
Harrison Gray Otis House, Dining Room, Boston, Mass., detail (200909)
Shore Pavilion, Riegel Point, Fairfield, Conn., detail (34220)
Page of Rundlet Family Ledger, Portsmouth, N.H., detail (196828)
Sayward-Wheeler House, York Harbor, Me., detail (201378)
Portrait of Gen. Thomas Lincoln Casey in Uniform, detail (197928)
Fox and Gale, Unidentified Apartment Building, detail (30143)
Group Portrait of Students, Phillips School, Boston, Mass., detail (13091)
Mary H. Northend, Girl and Parrot Sleeping in a Bed, detail (32753)
Mary H. Northend, Young Campers Practicing Archery, detail (113)
Family Eating Clams, Duxbury, Mass., detail (175)
Baldwin Coolidge, Cider Mill, Windham, N.H., detail (173308)
Harriot Appleton Curtis, Curtis Family at Dinner, detail (34710)
Trade Catalogue for Sears, Roebuck Co. Wallpapers, detail (197277)
Codman Family on the Porch, Codman House, Lincoln, Mass., detail (83337)
Place Card for Marrett House Centennial Anniversary, Standish, Maine, 1889, detail (196824)
Louis Prang, Christmas and New Year Card, detail (195504)
Emma Lewis Coleman, Two Men Gathering Potatoes, detail (196517)
Verner Reed, Senator John F. Kennedy, East Boston, 1956, detail (188062)
Henry L. Hadcock, Casey's Market, Roxbury, Mass., detail (195189)
Group Portrait of the Sherborn Athletic Association Baseball Team, Sherborn, Mass., detail (194812)
Henry G. Peabody, Coal Wharves, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1907, detail (189512)
New England News Co., Departure of the Band, Oak Bluffs, Mass., detail (173362)
Keystone View Co., Stereograph, Lasting Machine Shaping Shoes, detail (180188)
Postcard, Exterior of the Little House, Newbury, Mass., detail (194894)
Lucy Coffin in Front of the Coffin House, Newbury, Mass., detail (34100)
Exterior View of the Jonathan Sayward House, York Harbor, Maine, detail (33776)
Advertisement for Hood's Milk, detail (31631)
Trade Card for a New Home Sewing Machine, Orange, Mass., detail (196588)
Ad for Plymouth Rock Gelatine, Boston, Mass., detail (193969)
Exterior View of Perry Paint Headquarters, Boston, Mass., detail (98311)
Letter from John Singleton Copley, March 8, 1796, detail (98315)
Group Portrait of the Bowen Family with President William McKinley, Woodstock, Conn., detail (1318)
Wrapping paper for Warren Mills Superfine Octavo Note Paper (134305)
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