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Webb Mansion, Wethersfield, Conn.
Margin notations cite various owners of the Joseph Webb House in Wethersfield, Connecticut.
Original art collection
The original art collection contains approximately 1000 items such as drawings, paintings, sketches, and illustrations in various media, mainly ink, pen, ...
John Bateman House, Boston, 1679
The Bateman House is at the corner of North and Blackstone Streets in Boston, Massachusetts.
Corner of Leverett and Green Streets, "Johnnie Kelliher's Corner," Boston, Mass., September 14, 1905
The intersection of Leverett and Green Streets in Boston, Massachusetts is shown in the drawing.
First Harrison Gray Otis House, 141 Cambridge St.
Otis House is shown before the widening of Cambridge Street with a laundry on the first floor.
London Bridge, Phillips and Anderson Streets, Boston, Mass., 1892
The "London Bridge" building is seen at the corner of Phillips and Anderson Streets.
Alley in "London Bridge," West End, 1891
The sign on the right side reads "Mrs. Allen Washing" and the left side has a barber pole.
Entrance to Old South Chapel, Spring Lane, 1890
A restaurant at 7 Spring Lane is near the entrance to the Old South in Boston, Massachusetts.
Ridgeway Lane and West Church, 1890
A man in a top hat walks down Ridgeway Lane toward the Old West Church on Cambridge Street in Boston, Massachusetts.
Scotto's Alley toward Creek Square, 1890
Doorways, pipes and barrels are seen in Scotto's Alley in Boston, Massachusetts.
Archway between Leverett and Chambers Sts., 1890
An arched alleyway connects Leverett and Chambers Streets in Boston, Massachusetts.
Change Ave. and Old Stock Exchange, 1890
The Stock Exchange building is seen from Change Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts.
Northeast corner of Province Court, Boston, Mass., 1920
Commercial building signs are seen behind the street lamp in this image.The drawing was published in the Boston Evening Transcript, October 9, 1920.
Oldest theatre in Boston, corner North Market Street and Bendall's Lane, 1893
The horse and cart stand in front of a building with the word "Barber" on the awning.
"Rat Hole," between Harvard Place and Province Court, Boston, Mass., 1890
Rats scurry next to a barrel in the "Rat Hole" passageway.
Province Court, entrance to the "Rat Hole," Boston, Mass., 1890
The entrance to the "Rat Hole" at Province Court shows a worker coming down the steps carrying an object on his shoulder.
Exit from the "Rat Hole," Harvard Place, Boston, Mass., 1890
The stairs at the end of the "Rat Hole" leading into Harvard Place are shown in the drawing.
Pemberton Square, February 1887
Men load items on to a horse drawn wagon with high buildings in the background.
Change Ave., 1894
A sign for the Merchants Hotel and a hat business can be seen in Change Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts.
Grove Square, Boston, 1890
Residences are shown in Grove Square, Boston, Massachusetts.
Atwoods Oyster House, Marshall St., Boston, 1890
Horse-drawn vehicles go down Marshall Street in front of Atwoods Oyster House.
"Old Tavern" or "Old Mansion" or "The Tory House" or "The John Constant House."
Finely detailed picture of house showing 2 sides including attached outbuilding (circa 1735). Great deal of historical background on John Conant and his ...
Opposite the Hotel.
Colors: black and gray on beige. Tree dominates most of the picture. Shows a country road with a few houses along it.
Ante-Revolutionary Cottage.
Gray pencil sketch of house or cabin on hill looking down on angular rocks and boulders. Trees surround house and grow down hill.
Boulder-View of the Penobscot River.
Gray pencil sketch showing stone wall in foreground running along field with large, lone boulder standing free. River and trees and mountains in distance.
View of mountains with road and house centered in middle of picture. Greens, browns, blues.
Octagon House, Sharon
Octagonally shaped house amid woods on side of lake or pond. Note on back from Town Clerk of Sharon describes location of house, built by Charles Stevens.
Lake Connecticut, Magatioway Mountains.
Simple gray pencil sketch of lake and surrounding countryside, with mountains in distance.
Boulder Notch - Speckle Mountain.
Simple gray pencil sketch of boulder protruding from hillside, with building below and hills and mountains in the background.
Upper Bagadua.
Simple gray pencil sketch of leafless trees, lake and mountains.