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Warm weather allows for winter landscape projects at Codman Estate

March 19, 2012

Codman Estate stone wall
Historic stone walls at the Codman Estate are being cleared of brush for easier maintenance.

New England just experienced one of the warmest winters on record, allowing a greater than usual amount of winter landscape work at the Codman Estate. The stone wall between the handicapped parking lot and the carriage house, along with the entire length of historic stone wall enclosing the Codman Community Farms' pasture land, were cleared of thick stands of brush. This brush mostly consisted of invasive species such as honeysuckle, bittersweet, and buckthorn. The farmers at Codman Community Farms helped by taking the cut brush and using it in a bonfire.

We plan to make it easier to maintain these areas and prevent the expense of another major clearing event like this. Our landscape team will cut down tall stumps in the cleared spaces or remove them, rake the ground to expose fresh soil, and sow grass seed. Once the ground cover has grown, it will be easy to mow and trim, which will help prevent growth of new or re-sprouting weed species.

Help support preservation of our historic properties and landscapes with a gift to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

I'm linking to this article in our Winter Projects article

Posted by Mike Kilmer on December 28, 2012
I came across this article trolling for ideas for our Winter Landscaping projects article 2012 on, and plan to include a link.

link posted - thank you

Posted by Mike Kilmer on January 9, 2013
Link is posted in our article, <a href="[…]/" target="_newbrowser">A Trellis, A Bench, An Arbor - Winter Landscape Ideas</a> as one of two articles, "reminding us that the mild winter days and weeks can be a great time to actually get out there and work...". Thanks again.

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Warm weather allows for winter landscape projects at Codman Estate