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Rundlet-May House portico and columns repaired

February 19, 2016


In the constant battle with the elements, maintaining a house's front-line defenses against time and weather requires constant vigilance.

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the stately facade of Rundlet-May House looks over Middle Street from its terraced yard. The front door is sheltered by a classical portico and flanked by two reeded columns that rest on turned bases and substantial plinth blocks. These elegant details protect the front door from the onslaught of weather.

With this kind of exposure, wooden elements require periodic repair or replacement in addition to maintenance. Last summer, Historic New England's carpentry crew replaced the decaying plinths and bases and completed other repairs. See images below.

Help preserve Rundlet-May House and other Historic New England properties with a gift to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

Rundlet-May Columns Before
The “before” picture
Rundlet-May Portico
The portico roof was supported to allow removal of the bases and plinths.
Bases and Plinths
New bases and plinths were built at the Lyman Estate carpentry shop.
The crew returned to install the new bases and plinths.
Other Repairs
Staff completed other small repairs during the installation.
Rundlet-May Columns After
The “after” photo. Looking good!
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Rundlet-May House portico and columns repaired