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Roof work at Cogswell's Grant

July 30, 2010

pc-cog roof work
As the new roof is installed the flashing around chimneys and other features is replaced to make the building watertight.


The asphalt shingle roof at Cogswell’s Grant is being replaced thanks to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.  In keeping with our preservation philosophy, we are replacing the asphalt shingle roof with asphalt shingles. Some may wonder why, since, at first glance, a wood shingle roof might seem more appropriate for a house built in 1728.

At Historic New England each roof replacement is done in compliance with our preservation philosophy and our overall interpretation of the property. At Cogswell's Grant, we present the property as it was used during the 1980s when Bert and Nina Little were using it as a summer residence. During this time they had an asphalt shingle roof on the structure and, in fact, the asphalt roof to be replaced dates directly to their ownership.

Please consider supporting our preservation efforts at the historic properties through the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

Read more about our philosophy on replacing roofs in-kind.


Roof work at Cogswell's Grant