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Roof and chimney project begins at Arnold House

June 28, 2013

Arnold House roof
Scaffolding is erected against the stone end of Arnold House.

Historic New England recently began rehabilitating the roof and chimney at Arnold House in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

The existing roofing material is aged and in need of replacement, and the shingles are in various states of disrepair. Some are cupping or producing visible gaps, others are very weathered and thus susceptible to further damage, and still others exhibit active biological growth. The roof hatch leaks, which is contributing to fungus growth at the opening and has damaged insulation on the floor below. A hole at the apex of the east gable allows entry by animals, who then chew the end rafters and sheathing.

Both of the house's chimneys require general maintenance to ensure their health and to keep water out of the building. The brick chimney needs repointing and the corbelling at the top of the stone chimney needs not only repointing, but also new sneck harling and harling coats (a traditional stucco coating from Wales). After these repairs, the entire stone mass will receive fresh whitewash. 

Partial funding for this project has been secured from the Champlin Foundations and the 1772 Foundation. If you would like to help support this and other essential preservation projects please consider donating to the Preservation Maintenance Fund. For more information on Historic New England's approach to roof work please read our white papers.

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Roof and chimney project begins at Arnold House