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North Shore properties welcome local bands, talented dogs

October 26, 2011

Summer Music Festival


Historic New England often welcomes visitors beyond those seeking historic house tours. Last weekend, two properties in Massachusetts' North Shore region hosted events for two very different communities.

At Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm, 1,232 community members sang, danced, ate, and drank to raise money for Newburyport schools at the Summer Music Festival, which was postponed to late October. Crazy Maggie, Big Fair, Liz Frame and the Kickers, Das Pintos, and the Whole Music (pictured) among other musical acts, performed. Log into Facebook to see a video from the concert.

Bernese at Cogswell's Grant

Meanwhile, show dogs visited Cogswell's Grant to demonstrate the abilities of their breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America brought twenty dogs to compete in an obstacle course and a "cross country" trail through the hay fields and historic buildings at the site.

These are just two examples of our efforts to make our historic properties as broadly accessible as possible. For more, visit Property News.


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North Shore properties welcome local bands, talented dogs