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Preservation hot topic: Moving historic houses

June 1, 2011

Concord, Mass.
(Betsy Levinson for the Boston Globe) The Robbins House in Concord en route to its new site.

When most people hear about house moving, they think of taping up boxes and packing everything but the kitchen sink to relocate to a new house; but for preservationists, house moving can mean much more than that. Though preservationists consider it a last resort, moving historic houses seems to be happening a lot lately, according to recent reports in and around Boston.

Recent efforts to preserve historically important houses in Eastern Massachusetts by moving them off their original sites and to new locations have included:

  • the 1901 Charles Tappan House in Attleboro, Mass.
  • an eighteenth-century farmhouse in North Attleborough, Mass.
  • the 300-year-old birthplace of Lowell Mason (1792-1872), founder of American public school music education, in Medfield, Mass.
  • an early nineteenth-century house on historic Lexington Green in Lexington, Mass.
  • a c. 1830 house built by heirs of Caesar Robbins, a Revolutionary War veteran and freed slave in Concord, Mass.

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Preservation hot topic: Moving historic houses