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Flora and Bacchus together again

July 15, 2011

COD Italian Garden 002.jpg

For the first time in more than fifteen years Flora and Bacchus gaze at each other across the stone reflecting pool as originally intended. When it was created in 1899, the Italian Garden at the Codman Estate boasted many classical elements including a statue of Cupid under the shade of the wisteria pergola; a mask of Pan under Exchange End arbor; many flower pots and urns; and, of course, the complementary statues of Flora and Bacchus situated prominently on either end of the garden.

The original Flora, the fertility goddess representing spring and rebirth, is a zinc statue that suffered damage during the winter of 1994. After undergoing conservation work, a Flora replica returned to the garden for the 2010 season. Bacchus, a terra cotta replica of Jacopo Sansovino's 1514 sculpture, inhabited Flora’s location in the meantime. Upon Flora’s return, Bacchus took a yearlong sabbatical to undergo conservation and receive a new column base. With that project complete, both statues have returned to their proper locations.

If you are interested in supporting the ongoing preservation and restoration of the Codman Estate and Historic New England’s other thirty-five properties, please consider donating to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

pc-cod bacchus old and new.jpg
An early-twentieth-century image of the Italian Garden featuring Bacchus paired with an image shot in May 2011.
Flora and Bacchus together again