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Students get a sense of life during the Civil War

July 19, 2013

Rally Round


Students who participate in Historic New England's Rally 'Round the Flag program step into the past to learn about life during the Civil War.

This hands-on program lets students gain a deeper understanding of life during the Civil War. As they learn about engineering and the magnitude of the Civil War by building a pontoon bridge and practicing an artillery drill, students learn to encode and decode messages and send the messages with signal flags. They also explore Civil War-era medicine. 

Historic New England's education staff recently spent the day at the Solomon Schechter Day School in West Hartford, Connecticut, and brought shawls, bonnets, skirts, uniform hats, jackets, haversack, and other props for a photography session. During this session, students interviewed a Civil War soldier to learn about his life, and dressed in a soldier’s uniform or the costume of a civilian girl. They quickly discovered how hot and uncomfortable a wool coat and hat can be or how awkward it is to move with a long, heavy skirt. Each student is photographed in costume. The images were finished with a sepia tone and appropriately framed as a memento of the program.

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Rally "Round the Flag

Posted by Denise Joy on September 3, 2013
Is this program offered to the general public anywhere?. We have a young man who is so interested in the Civil War.

Rally 'Round the Flag

Posted by Gail White Usher on September 3, 2013
Thank you for your interest. Many of the components of this museum education program will be part of the Civil War Living History Weekend at Roseland Cottage on September 28 and 29. This program is open to the public and admission is free. In addition to hands-on activities, Union and Confederate reenactors will be encamped for the weekend.

Civil War

Posted by Rob Watson on September 3, 2013
Dear Denise,

Rally 'Round the Flag is not offered as a regular public program, but you might be interested in the Civil War Living History Weekend at Roseland Cottage, Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29.[…]/roseland-cottage

Thank you.

Rob Watson
Marketing Manager
Historic New England

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Students get a sense of life during the Civil War