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Archaeology at Barrett House

August 6, 2011

pc-BAR archeo with house.jpg
Archaeologists at Barrett House start a shovel test pit to determine the sensitivity of the location.

In anticipation of a drainage and barn stabilization project at Barrett House archaeologists are investigating the historic resources that might exist below the surface of the soil. Historic maps and photographs have been paired with drainage recommendations in order to see how former buildings, garbage piles, and cess pits might interact with the proposed work. This process can teach us about how the Barrett family used and interacted with the site. The results will help guide the final placement of the new drainage system so that it minimizes damage and disruption to the sensitive resources that might remain below the surface.

pc-BAR archeo.jpg
Archaeologists at Barrett House sift through the soil from shovel test pits to see if they have found any artifacts.

The entire project (archaeology, drainage, and structural stabilization) is partially funded through New Hampshire’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP). Please consider supporting this or other essential preservation projects by donating to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

To learn more about how we approach drainage projects at our historic properties please visit our white papers section.

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Archaeology at Barrett House