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Firm donates Royal Barry Wills archive to Historic New England

Royal Barry Wills

BOSTON – March 2014 – Royal Barry Wills Associates has donated the firm’s archive, including architectural drawings, office records, project photography, book manuscripts, and news clips to Historic New England’s Library and Archives.

This nationally significant collection documents the history of the firm that was founded by Royal Barry Wills and became one of the most popular in the nation, producing some of the most quintessential examples of New England architecture, including the Cape Cod cottage. Starting out in a one-room office in Boston in 1925, Wills went on to design thousands of homes throughout the country, winning many competitions and writing best-selling books along the way. By 1946 Life magazine called him “the nation’s most popular architectural author.”

"Royal Barry Wills Associates continues to practice architecture by applying the principals expounded by our founder and mentor, Royal Barry Wills. We find ourselves adapting our designs, as he did, to fit modern concepts into traditional forms. Wills approached the planning of houses not according to what he thought people should have, but rather based on what they so clearly wanted. There was nothing stiff about his work.  It benefited from his lighthearted approach, sense of humor, and appreciation for the inherent flexibility of the vernacular tradition in New England," said Richard Wills.

The Royal Barry Wills collection is a significant addition to the extensive holdings in Historic New England’s architectural records collection of documents from the design and construction phases of architecture: architectural drawings, photography, contracts, correspondence, personnel records, specifications, and other materials.

Media Contact: Susanna Crampton


Firm donates Royal Barry Wills archive to Historic New England